What some of our clients have to say about us...

Although our web designers created an intriguing site for us, the hits on the
site were minimal.

We engaged SEO Crunch and with some smart amends they trebled our hits in just a month. Great work at a very reasonable rate.

Ronan Kinahan
Vibe Training Principal

We were nowhere at Google for the keywords we needed to be found for. We heard about SEO Crunch via a recommendation and after a couple of meetings with them we decided to sign up for a campaign.

They re-built the structure of our site, optimised it for our keywords, and started the monthly off-site campaign. After just a couple of months we were in the top 10 at Google. After about 3 months we had a No 1, a No 2 and a No 5.

Now, about five months in, we have two No1's and a No 2. Our most important keyword, where we're currently at position 2 at Google (and which often holds the No1 spot), is very, very competitive.

We're very pleased to have been introduced to SEO Crunch and are happy to give them our highest recommendation.

Gordon A Cain
Managing Director, Vision4Ce Ltd

We have been working with SEO Crunch for over six months and they have dramatically improved our search ranking in that time from the fifth or sixth page of Google to around 5th place on the first page!

In the highly competitive area of recruitment we work in, this gives us a head start on our competitors and has dramatically increased visitor levels to our website and applications to our vacancies.

Andrew Pirie
Head of Marketing, Sanctuary Personnel Limited

We went to SEO Crunch about three months ago following a recommendation as we weren't appearing anywhere in the rankings at Google. They found the right keywords for our business and started the campaign.

After about a month we started to appear in the top twenty with the odd top ten position. Now, just three months in, we're in the top five at Google for all but one of our keywords, with most of those being in the top three.

The result has been a marked increase in quality leads. We've advertised with magazines and tried online advertising in the past but the results of what SEO Crunch have done for us far exceeds all our past marketing efforts.

Their optimisition campaign has proved to be truly excellent value for money and I therefore highly recommend them.

John Heffernan
Managing Director, Artisan of London Ltd

We’ve been using SEO Crunch’s services for over a year and during that period we’ve changed our keywords a couple of times to find the best fit for our services.

As a result of their ongoing campaign we have now gained top 3 positions for all our keywords and are getting really good enquiries coming in via the website.

It’s taken time, but as a new company we knew it would. We’re very happy with the results!

Steve Robinson
Director, Sales Engine Ltd

We've been with SEO Crunch for three years and they've been working on two of our websites. Quite soon after they started we got into the top 3 at Google for all our keywords.

We're now in the top five of results at all the major search-engines, with most positions in the top three and with many of those being number ones.

The great thing is that, over the last three years, our rankings have been consistent and visitors to our clubs have increased considerably. I recommend them to anyone looking for the same!

Raf Nieto
Director, ZendoKickboxing Ltd.

There's a lot of iffy services out there, but these guys do what it says on the can.

John Drewry
Director, Drewrys Sales and Marketing Communications

We have three websites that SEO Crunch have been optimising.

Our main company website has been optimised for around 9 months and now has excellent first-page rankings for the majority of our keywords. Around 50% are in the top three, with 20 No1 positions, and around 75% are in the top five.

We also have two specialist-area sites which have been getting the optimisation treatment for about 6 months and we've seen a steady increase in rankings at the search engines for these, for some very competitive keywords - with approximately 60% now in the top 5 for one site and about 50% for the other.

The work for these sites is ongoing and we're sure we'll see further improvements as the campaign continues.

Robert Sayer
Director, Sayer Moore & Company

SEO Crunch have been optimising our site for about three years. The work they've done has resulted in us being consistently at positions one and two at Google and the other major search engines for keywords which are seriously competitive. We're ahead of many major worldwide companies, which is exactly where we need to be!

SEO Crunch have got us to the top and have kept us there. This has enabled us to expand our business into the USA since we started, and increase our turnover as a result.

Great job - we are happy to give them our highest recommendation.

Simon Morton
Director, Eyeful Presentations Ltd

In a highly competitive market, where use of the internet is second nature, it is essential that we appear on the first page of a search result for our main products and services.

SEO Crunch have run several SEO campaigns for us over the last few years and have managed to get us not only on the first page - but within the top five on page one at the major search engines in every campaign! Many positions have been, and still are, No1's.

Some campaigns have, unsurprisingly, taken time to for us to secure top rankings, but the right result has always been achieved in the end.

I recommend them to anyone looking for excellent natural search engine listings.

Nadine Ter Meulen
Head of Marketing, Bottomline Technologies Ltd

We were being bombarded with offers of improving our natural rankings and had little success in finding a company we felt comfortable to deal with. We stumbled upon SEO Crunch and have not looked back.

The result of their work was noticeable within one week and within a month, we were on the front page of all the major search engines. We now find ourselves within the top three places for many keywords at Google and this has significantly increased our exposure on the internet and hence sales.

I have no hesitation in recommending SEO Crunch to anyone, with the exception of our competitors!

Paul Beresford
Director, Uniform4Kids / Lyons School Shops Ltd

We launched our new website towards the end of last year and weren't showing anywhere in the rankings at the major search engines, so we went to SEO Crunch.

They found the right keywords for our business, optimised the website and started us on the monthly off-site optimisations. We're now on the first page at Google for all our keywords, and that's after just two months! They say they're sure we'll get top three positions as the work continues*.

We're therefore very pleased they're looking after us and recommend them highly to others.

Simon Holmes
Director, Tree Surveys Ltd

* SEO-Crunch note - top two positions achieved two months after receipt of this testimonial.

We had our first website built in 2007 and it was essential for us to get good rankings in a highly competitive area, so we decided to go with SEO Crunch.

Within about 3 months we had first-page rankings at Google and practically everywhere else.

After about 6 months we were in the top three for all of our keywords and 9 months in we are now at No 1 for 32 positions out of a possible 36 across the six major search engines.

Not only are we ahead of virtually all of our competitors, but we are getting excellent relevant leads which has helped us expand our business into the US market.

SEO Crunch are true seo experts!

David Griffiths
Director, Fiscal Technologies Ltd

When it comes to search engine optimisation, unless you're in the top 3 at Google in our line of business, you're nowhere.

SEO Crunch got us there.

Peter Taylor
Managing Director, Edge Vision Ltd

We contacted SEO Crunch following a recommendation and they have been optimising our website for about six months. We have quickly moved to the top spots on the front page of Google and other search engines for our keywords which are in a highly competitive market. 

SEO Crunch are very knowledgeable and professional in their field and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Nick Goldsmid
Managing Director, Luxters Limited


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